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Volunteer Application for a Board or Commission

  1. Employment History
  2. Do you currently serve on an Allegany County Board/Committee?*
  3. Have you served on an Allegany County Board/Commission in the past?*
  4. Do you currently work for an entity or agency that either receives funding from or has a contract with the County to perform services?*
  5. Are you, your spouse or children, currently an officer, director, or partner in any entity or agency that receives funding from, or has a contract with the County?*
  6. Please check Board(s)/Committee(s) that interest you.
  7. I will attend meetings in accordance with the adopted policies of Allegany County. If at any time my business or professional interests conflict with the interests of this Board or committee, I will not participate in such deliberations. References may be secured from the following individuals: (Include Name, Address, Phone)
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