Public Land Atlas

The atlas available here for free download was based on the format of the popular County Highway Atlas. Relative to the map plates, areas displayed within a green field represent public lands. Map plates include topography (1995 County Series).

The featured version of the County's Public Lands Coverage is actively maintained by the Land Development Services office and periodically audited for accuracy. Only map plates containing State Forests, State Parks and Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are included within this version of the Atlas. Additionally, plates that do not feature large contiguous tracts of public lands have been omitted from this version.


Public Land Boundaries are approximated. It is everyone's responsibility to respect private land holdings, and field recognition of the boundaries thereof. Public Lands portrayed within this document are not derived from actual surveys, and this document has no legal competency. Public land may also have restricted access-please check with respective authorities prior to access.

Download Individual Plates by Plate Number

To download individual plates from County Highway Atlas in PDF Format, find your desired plate on the map below. The numbered documents below correspond to this plate map.

Public Land Plate Map

Plates No. 6 - 28

Plates No. 30 - 57