checkCorrugated cardboard boxes
checkHeavy-duty shipping boxes
checkPaperboard boxes
checkCereal boxes
checkCracker boxes
checkCake mix boxes
checkBooks - hardback & paperback
checkTelephone book covers
checkGreeting Cards (no glitter or other decoration)
checkEgg Cartons (paper based)
checkBrown paper bags
checkKraft envelopes
checkManila folder
Cardboard Recycling Sign


  1. Clean dry cardboard 
  2. Tape, labels, and staples OK
  3. Remove any packaging (Styrofoam, plastic air packages) 
  4. Flatten boxes
  5. Take to recycling site
items not acceptedx_Pizza boxes
x_Laminated cardboard containers
x_Bubble lined envelopes
x_Styrofoam packaging or “peanuts”
x_Waxed cardboard boxes
x_Cartons (milk, broth, ice cream)
x_Metal bands
x_Paper cups
x_Plastic packaging and bags

Recycling sites that accept cardboard