Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), the Building Codes Office has implemented the following procedure once a "Final Inspection" has been received from either the third-party inspection agency, or the "Point Person" for the project; 

  1. A "Clear" final inspection report received
  2. The Building Codes office investigates file for completion of all required building codes inspection reports.
  3. An e-mail is generated and sent to the following "review Agencies" for their release of the project;
    1. Soil Conservation District (Sediment Control)
    2. Allegany County Health Department (Water/Sewage)
    3. Storm Water Management
  4. Once all agencies have released the project from their departments, information is compiled and transferred from the Building Codes Office to the Permits Intake office for completion.
  1. Stephen Stallings

    Plans Examiner/Building Inspector