Engineering Division

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Department of Public Works - Engineering Division is to utilize its resources, training, and experience to provide and maintain a high level of service to the residents of Allegany County and other county agencies. The Division shall strive to meet the public's needs in a timely and courteous manner, while maintaining the highest degree of workmanship, professionalism, and ethics.

Implicit in the mission of the division is the necessity to keep the equipment, software, and employee training current, establish and maintain standard guidelines, maintain and reinvest in our infrastructure, and adhere to the policies and procedures of Allegany County. The goals of the Division shall be a guide to the employee who will work to attain and maintain these goals, while realizing the need for cooperation, good communication, and proper attitude taking into consideration the fiscal restraints and budgetary limitations.

The Engineering Division is responsible for a wide array of programs and initiatives, specifically:

Allegany County Bridge Program

  • Manages the Allegany County Bridge Program. All bridges on County-maintained roads (approximately 140 in total) are subject to regular inspection and the Engineering Division reviews inspection reports to program current and future bridge maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement projects.

Allegany County Capital Improvement Program

  • The Engineering Division is responsible for the Allegany County Capital Improvement Program. Any current/future projects (exceeding $25,000 in total cost with expected life of 10+ years) from all County agencies are reviewed and catalogued on an annual basis for review by the County Commissioners.

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Watershed Implementation Plan

  • Supports and actively participates in the Allegany County Chesapeake Bay TMDL Watershed Implementation Plan. Projects to plant trees and restore streambanks are designed and managed through the Engineering Division to help Allegany County meet its goals to restore the Chesapeake Bay.

Project design, construction management, inspection, and ongoing monitoring of projects throughout Allegany County

  • Computer-aided design & drafting (CADD) for projects dealing with bridges, utilities (water & sewer), roads, buildings, economic development, recreation, and more.
  • On-site construction inspection services and maintains up-to-date project records. Additionally, the Engineering Division regularly works with outside funding agencies to ensure project dollars are spent appropriately.

Stormwater issues and other drainage concerns

  • Reviews, designs, and permits projects throughout Allegany County to help alleviate stormwater issues and other drainage concerns.