Information Technology Division

Mission Statement

Citizens and business expect and deserve the same high level of efficiency and effectiveness from government services as they have come to expect from the private sector. In order to meet these ever-growing demands on resources it became essential for Allegany County Government to integrate and fully utilize technology in the workplace to deliver comprehensive, customer friendly government services. By providing leadership and support to County Departments and affiliated agencies in the effective integration of information technology, the Information Technology Division enables the County to fulfill its mission and achieve its goal of efficient and effective service.

Primary Functions

The Information Technology Division serves four primary functions: Advisory, Development, Management/Service, and Training/Awareness.


The Information Technology Division advises and assists County Departments and affiliated agencies in the integration, implementation, and usage of information technology. The advisory role requires identification of the goal to be achieved, knowledge of the business process and employees to be effected, knowledge of available technologies and industry movement, and developing a recommendation. The Information Technology Division advises 15 separate departments including their divisions and operating units. The Information Technology Division also acts as an advisor to the Allegany County Circuit Court, Child Abuse Task Force, Allegany County Visitors and Convention Center and others.


Planning for the future information technology needs of Allegany County Government is a primary concern and daily consideration of the Information Technology Division. In order to remain on the cutting edge of service delivery, it is essential that we not become complacent in our use and understanding of technology. Development requires continual examination of business processes, partnership building to eliminate duplicate services and enhance available services, employee training, infrastructure analysis and planning, and looking for innovative ways to continually improve our service through information technology.


The Information Technology Division manages eight local area networks, a wide area network, VoIP telephone systems, public and internal facing websites. The Information Technology Division installs, repairs, and procures software and hardware for 15 separate departments including their divisions and operating unit. The Information Technology Division also coordinates vendor purchased system implementation and enhancements. Allegany County Government participates in group purchasing of all computer systems and MOLP software to keep cost at a minimum. The Information Technology Division has a centralized technology purchasing and a Technology Request Tracking System.


The Information Technology Division recognizes that a well-trained workforce is essential to productive service. It is our goal to provide hands-on training opportunities both in-house and outside for all County employees as well as supplemental instruction throughout the year. Over one hundred training seats are offered annually to County employees in addition to specialized training conducted at the Allegany County Office Complex. Training is coordinated and developed through the Information Technology Division and is geared to the position and responsibilities of the employee.

The Evolving Role of Information Technology

Today, Information Technology professionals are participating in planning and supporting departmental and business process change to improve competitiveness, efficiency, and communication. Information Technology professionals are also assuming the role of knowledge manager. A knowledge manager creates electronic space for people to communicate, insures that the community understands the available technology and use it to its fullest potential, organizes information to meet the professional needs of the community, and directs members of the community to outside information.


The Information Technology Division of Allegany County has made significant advances in improving business processes through IT, modernizing technology systems, delivering new electronic services, and planning for the information technology needs of Allegany County. Clear and concise policies and procedures are in place and have been communicated to all employees to insure quality purchases and the ethical use of electronic resources. Training initiatives have been a cornerstone of our efforts and we are reaping the benefits of employee training. These are truly exciting times in Information Technology and Allegany County. The Information Technology Division is committed to continually looking for innovative ways to improve the way we serve our constituents and how we "do business."