Mission Statement

The Allegany County Finance Department staff adheres to legal, moral, and professionals standards of conduct. We are dedicated to professional integrity and development and strive to have the highest quality of performance. The department staff has established and is committed to maintain the respect, trust, and confidence of the public. We are sensitive and responsive to the public and government officials, both of whom are our clients. The department operates in the most cost-effective, productive, and organized manner possible.


The Finance Department administers the statutory responsibilities in accounting and financial reporting: accounts payable, payroll, investments, bond issues, financial statement preparations, and budgeting.


Tax & Utility Office

The Tax and Utility Bills Office bills and collects real estate, personal property, corporation, and public utility accounts for Allegany County, the State of Maryland, three municipalities, and 30 special taxing districts.

Gaming Office

The Gaming Office issues wholesale, operator, and temporary licenses for selling tip jars, i.e., paper gaming, in Allegany County and maintains reports from licensees regarding sales and operations.

Division of Information Technologies

The Division of Information Technologies provides consultation, analysis, voice communication, computer operation, software development, equipment maintenance, networking and internet, web page development and information management services to improve the productivity and effectiveness of user departments and agencies.