Frostburg – Main Street Americana


Mining Village to College Town

Frostburg was founded in 1812 along the National Road at the foot of Big Savage Mountain. The small village was soon swept up in the rush to extract and transport some of the finest soft coal in North America. For over 100 years, Frostburg thrived as the hub of this local industry.

In the early 1920s, hard working miners scraped together pledges and contributions to build a college in town so their sons and daughters could obtain higher education opportunities. Today, Frostburg State University is the busy heartbeat of this mountain town, providing cultural enrichment and technology education to the community.

Eneviable Rural Living

Surrounded by farm settings and small estates reminiscent of the hills of Scotland and Wales, Frostburg is home to a relaxed pace of life that blends Revolutionary War land grant families and newcomers, many of whom discovered the town through the University. Add in a bustling acoustic music performance scene, an award winning Main Street, a modern high school and you’ve got the perfect small town, just two hours drive from nearby metro areas.

Authenticity abounds in this town, and seeing is believing.