Recycling ... How to

Allegany County Government recycles the following list of items. Click on an item to view details about how to recycle that item. Please check the Drop Off Sites List (PDF) or Map for recycling site locations.


Guidlines y.


Guidlines y.

What & Where to Recycle in Allegany County


Corrugated or paperboard cardboard, brown paper bags, Kraft envelopes, manila folder, and hardbound books. Tape, labels, and staples on boxes are accepted. Remove any packaging & flatten boxes at cardboard trailer sites.

NO laminated or waxed cardboard, cartons, or waxed cardboard.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg).

Christmas Trees (Seasonal)

Please remove all tinsel, lights, garland and ornaments before recycling tree.

Accepted at County Yard Waste and Mulch Site and various locations as advertised during the holiday season.


Penn-Mar Recycling, 975 Kelly Road, Riverside Industrial Park, Cumberland, offers electronics recycling.  Telephone: 301-724-1000, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Penn-Mar Recycling is a private entity and accepts electronics from residents, businesses, etc. in Allegany County and elsewhere. Other private businesses in Allegany County recycle electronics such as:

Electronics 2018

Fluorescent Bulbs, Lamps, & Non-PCB Ballasts

Compact Bulbs (CFL’s); U-Tubes, 4’ Lamps, 8’ Lamps) NO broken Bulbs or Lamps. Only at Penn-Mar rear door $1.00 per bulb during business hours.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Bottles & Jars ONLY (w/neck). Empty & rinse. If possible, remove lids and rings. Separate by color (clear, brown, and green). Labels okay.

NO ceramics, mirrors, crystal, window pane, light bulbs, dishes, milk or auto glass.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Flintstone, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg)


Keep Clean & Dry, Shiny & slick papers, brochures, catalogs, phone book cover, coupons, etc.

NO office paper, carbon paper, paper bags, plastic bags or cardboard.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Allegany College of MD, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg), Life Fitness Management parking lot, Westernport, Lonaconing

Motor Oil & Oil Filters

Oil (including): Used motor oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, transmission fluid, hydraulic. Do not mix together prior to delivery to site for recycling.

NO gasoline, antifreeze, solvents, brake fluid, oil mixtures, refrigeration oil, or vegetable oil. Filters - Drain beforehand.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Flintstone, Frostburg Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg), OldtownOil and Antifreeze


Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Frostburg

Newspaper & Phone Books

Clean & dry. Leave loose. Remove covers on books; paperback books, Ok.

NO bulk mail, plastic or paper bags, magazines, glossy inserts, or twine.

Materials accepted at Bel Air, Penn-Mar, Allegany College of MD, Martin’s Food Market, Flintstone, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg), Life Fitness Management parking Lot, Wal-Mart, Little Orleans, Mount Savage, Oldtown, Westernport, Lonaconing

#1 Pet Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Water, Soda, Ketchup, etc.) Remove lids. Crush (Optional). Labels O.K.

NO #2-7 Plastic. No lids.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg)

#2 HDPE Plastic Bottles & Jugs

Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Milk, bleach, detergent, water, shampoo). Rinse. Remove lids and throw away. Crush (optional). Labels Ok

NO Buckets, tubs, bowls, silverware, bags, egg carton, plates & food containers (i.e., margarine.) NO #1, #3 - #7 Plastic. NO Lids.

Materials accepted at Penn-Mar, Mountainview Drop-off Site (Frostburg)


Car, truck, equipment tires with or without wheels. NO AXELS. Each tire requires three $0.75 refuse tags ($2.25). A maximum of four tires per resident per day is permitted.

Accepted at Flintstone, Oldtown, Little Orleans Refuse Sites.

Yard Waste

Grass clippings & leaves for compost pile only. Must be loose. Do not mix with household waste. No biodegradable bags allowed in compost pile. County Mulch Site only


Penn-Mar accepts household batteries for free at their rear door during their business hours. Lead Acid (car batteries) are also accepted.

Vinyl Siding

Penn-Mar recycling accepts clean vinyl siding and soffit at their rear door during their business hours.


Penn-Mar recycling accepts the following appliances containing Freon for $10 per item: Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C Units, Dehumidifiers, at their rear door during regular business hours

Packing Peanuts

Packing Peanuts can be taken to the UPS Store or the Mail Room in LaVale.

Plastic Bags

Most plastic bags are recycled into composite lumber, but can actually become a wide variety of products. Most grocers and large retailers such as JC Penny and Walmart now accept plastic bags, wrap and film for recycling. Look for a bin near the front of the store or check for local recycling options nearest you.


You can ship your Styrofoam via the U.S. Postal Service or other carrier to the nearest mail-back location.  To maximize your recycling efforts: Make sure the EPS is clean and free of any tape, plastic film, labels, loose parts or glued-on cardboard. Increase the space available by breaking or cutting it into small pieces so that more can fit in a box.

Mountainview Landfill does not accept liquid paint (i.e., liquid waste). However, after the paint is dry, all types of paint may be deposited into the landfill. This includes the paint itself as well as paint cans, brushes, rollers, and applicator trays.

To dry a can of paint, take the lid off of the can and let the paint dry naturally to a solid consistency or, to quicken the drying process, pour the paint over kitty litter or shredded newspaper in a plastic bag lined box.